• Jill Irvine Leadership Award, Women’s and Gender Studies (2016). Given to a faculty member who exemplifies collaborative spirit, expansive vision, commitment to advancing women’s and LGBTQ issues, service to campus, and dedication to leadership.
  • Irene Rothbaum Award for Outstanding Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences (2013). Given to a model teacher recognized for dedication, effectiveness and ability to inspire students to high levels of achievement.
  • Robert D. Lemon Social Justice Award, the Center for Social Justice (2013). Given to a faculty member who demonstrates courage, compassion, and leadership while working to eliminate discrimination, oppression, and injustice locally and globally.

Meredith Worthen (left) and Jill Irvine (right)

Paul Bell (left) and Meredith Worthen (right)

Meredith Worthen (left) and Amy Kroska (right)